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Luis Carlos Almeida da Cunha is born on 17th November 1986 known as Nani. Luis Nani is a professional footballer of Portugal who plays as an attacking player for the Italian club Lazio, on loan for the Spanish club Valencia.

He represented the Portugal team in international football and made appearances over a hundred times for the senior national team. He has been utilized to the left side of the football pitch as an attacking player on many occasions.

Luis is related to Cape Verde Island descendent who started his football career at the age of nine from Portugal in the club of Real Massama.

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Childhood Life & Education

(Luis) Nani was born and raised in Amadora District of Lisbon, Portugal but his descendants belong to the cape version clan his parents left him when he was only a child, and was taken by his aunt Antonia in Santa Filomena raised in his aunt’s home.

Luis has nine brothers and one sister and he is the youngest among them (Luis) Nani’s nickname was set by his elder sister. Nani’s big brother taught him to play soccer in the childhood he used to play occasionally with his friend Manuel Fernandes.

When Nani came to the age of 14 his big brother took him to train in the club it was his first club and they gave him accommodation and money Nani did not get his full school education.

Family & Personal Life

Nani’s parents were not loyal to him in the childhood they compromised him to start their new life so he was grow-up in his aunt’s home his aunt’s name is Antonia was raised with his siblings played football with his elder brother.

Family & Personal Life

He usually played football with his childhood friend Manuel Fernanda’s and used to walk many kilometers to do practice in the football club. He is currently dating his girlfriend Daniela Martins and has a continuous relationship for six years.

Football Career

Started his career to join the club of sporting CP two years later after in 2007 he signed in for Manchester united with a net worth of 30 Million Dollars joined another club in Spain and signed a three-year contract for 7 Million dollars by joining the club he won the cup of Euro 2016.

Nani played in the international team of Portugal at the 2006 UEFA Under-21 championship made his performance debut on 23rd May 2006 in a 0-1 defeat to France under 21

Luis Nani Interesting Facts

  • Luis Nani became controversial when made a goal against Totten-ham during the season of 2011-2012 on the 84th minute of the game he scored a goal and make his victory over the opposing team.
  • He was born in Chicago, United State.
  • He is very popular on social media and has 3.9M followers on his Twitter account.
  • He has 2.2 million followers on his Instagram account.
  • He is 34 years (as of 2021).
  • Luis Nani’s net worth is around $30 Million Dollars.

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