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Gamers around the world are big fans of internet celebrity Ibai Llanos

The gaming industry is growing like never before, with a huge number of new users and major playmakers making their way onto the scene from every corner of the world. Streaming has become a valuable component of the hobby for many, as gamers enjoy watching their favorite gaming personalities review and play the titles they know and love.

There are thousands of internet celebrities and influencers out there today, such as YouTube star Liza Koshy, but a select few manage to really ‘wow’ their following audiences with the content they produce. In the gaming world, Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos is undoubtedly one of these creators. Here we explore a bit more about Llanos’ life and how he got to become the big name he is today.

Internet Career

Ibai Llanos, known across the internet as simply ‘Ibai’, was born in the Basque region of Spain in Bilbao in 1995. It was there that he started to show an interest in Esports when the sector was growing in popularity and became specifically invested in the League of Legends chapter in 2014. A few months later and Ibai was already hard at work with Esports announcing jobs, narrating his first faceoff between system and PainGaming for the LVP (League of Video Game Professionals) Honor Division.

With more opportunities in Esports on the horizon, he decided to make the move to a bigger city and relocated to the Catalan capital of Barcelona in 2016. He continued his work narrating live tournaments as well as creating content for Esports organizations but ultimately decided to leave announcing in order to start a streaming career on the hugely popular platform Twitch.

There’s no question that Ibai entered the scene at just the right time, jumpstarting huge events through partnerships with major sports organizations. In March 2020, he founded the first annual ‘La Liga Santander Challenge’ where professional football players competed in heated Esports tournaments, with all proceeds going directly to the charity. He has held a variety of other successful programs through his channel such as ‘Charlando Traquilamente’ where he speaks with important figures in the public eye, especially sportsmen since sports are one of his major passions. While much of his work revolves around interviews and personal content creation, he also earns a hefty following with his game review videos.

Although he covers mostly Esports games, he is open to future projects that give overviews of other popular gaming genres. For example, as online slot games grow in variety with different themes and graphics that cater to users’ preferences, more streamers are covering casino games like these on their YouTube and Twitch channels. One thing’s for certain – streamers like Ibai must understand top gaming trends in the industry in order to produce content that is valuable and relevant for their followers.

Ibai Llanos

Nowadays, thanks to advanced digital technologies there are many opportunities to start a lucrative career online

Personal Life

When it comes to the internet star’s personal life outside of his streaming career, there isn’t much known or released to the public. However, tabloids have documented that Ibai is not married, and is currently single. Fans are also aware that he lives in Barcelona with 8 other friends that are professional streamers as well. Ibai doesn’t have plans to move back to Bilbao anytime soon but says that could change in the future depending on where his career takes him.

Net Worth

Earlier this year, Ibai beat a list of successful nominees to win the prestigious Streamer of the Year award at the annual Esports awards, presented by Lexus. With a large following base in both his home country of Spain and abroad, Ibai is currently predicted to have a net worth of 6 million euros. Since many of his regular uploads are often sponsored, it’s easy to see how the internet personality makes a lucrative living online. He also earns a decent salary offline, as he still announces for various Esports tournaments in the Spanish-speaking community. A force to be reckoned with in the gaming world and beyond, big things are in store for the 26-year-old’s future.

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